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Welcome to Porter & Rabinowitz Chiropractic

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Serving Wake Forest, North Raleigh, Wakefield, Youngsville,

Franklinton, Rolesville, Bedford and the Surrounding Communities

When searching for a chiropractor in Wake Forest, patients should look into Porter & Rabinowitz Chiropractic, where we have a genuine desire to help others and give patients a high-quality level of care. We perform treatments as well as provide education to assist patients in living better and healthier lives. We believe that chiropractic care is more than just giving patients repeated alignments and considering them treated.

At Porter & Rabinowitz Chiropractic, we offer an extensive level of care that helps patients learn how to improve their health, even when outside of the office. Far too often, doctors don't take the time to actually include patients in their own care. However, we want patients to play an active role in their health. That's why our staff strives to address any questions and concerns to make the patient feel in charge and in control of their treatment. We put the patients first.

Meet Your Wake Forest Chiropractors

Dr. Kelly Porter and Dr. Adam Rabinowitz come together to form Porter & Rabinowitz Chiropractic, located north of I-540 and Triangle Town Center in Wake Forest, NC.  We treat patients in Wake Forest, North Raleigh, Wakefield, Youngsville, Franklinton, Rolesville, and Bedford. We treat a wide variety of conditions like sciatica, disc herniation, headaches and neck pain. We provide chiropractic care in the Wake Forest area in order to help individuals achieve better health via natural means. By supplying a comprehensive level of care, we aid patients in achieving the optimal level of health and wellness.

Our Philosophy

Dr. Adam Rabinowitz and Dr. Kelly Porter's chiropractic care delves deeper than just treating the symptoms of a problem. Our practice focuses on getting to the root of the problem and solving it, rather than just masking it with a pain reliever. We believe the key to better health is more than just covering up the problem. Overall health entails body systems working together effectively and efficiently, which a chiropractor has the ability to help a patient achieve. We believe when strains, sprains, and other injuries occur, it can affect other areas of the body.

Services We Provide

Chiropractic care services conducted by Dr. Rabinowitz and Dr. Porter are extensive and include a great deal of specialty services such as kinesiology, treatment and rehabilitation for auto injuries, posture care, spinal decompression and postural correction. Those with sports injuries like strains and sprains can benefit from our chiropractic care. Patients who would like to improve their sports performance may benefit as well. In addition to traditional chiropractic care, we  provide patients with nutrition advice specially catered to each individuals needs and health requirements.

All treatments are noninvasive, meaning patients don't experience pain or discomfort during treatment. The  goal of chiropractic care is to help patients heal naturally, which we believe can be achieved through both traditional and modern treatments. We keep up with the latest  technology and equipment, guaranteeing the best results. We are one of the only chiropractors in the area who have access to a shockwave therapy machine, which has the ability to reduce pain and increase mobility. 

Contact Porter & Rabinowitz Chiropractic for the ultimate level of chiropractic care!

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  • "Absolutely positively the best experience I've had with a doctor. My problem (chronic tennis elbow) melted away!"
    A.M. (treated by Dr. Rabinowitz)

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