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Postural Correction

Chiropractic Biophysics Technique (CBP)

For centuries human healthcare providers have been trying to restore better posture to their patients in order to restore health. This is because postural alterations (subluxations) are known to be associated with a plethora of human afflictions.

* THE PROBLEM - Why so many have given up on restoring posture is that until recently, nobody knew how to achieve it! This is why so few doctors and therapists assess and treat posture. Even the few who do 'assess' and attempt to 'correct' bad posture with various methods usually, ultimately fail. The reason for this is two-fold:

    1. Until recently a comprehensive posture evaluation has not existed. Only recently has CBP® developed the most comprehensive and thorough method to examine human posture (See 'Abnormal Postures' below). CBP® developers Drs. Don and Deed Harrison have worked with Montreal web-based company Biotonix to develop a new module PosturePrintTM so the CBP® doctor has a reliable and valid means to quantify human posture in 3D. We use this cutting-edge technology at the Innovative Chiropractic Centre.
    2. It was thought that muscles alone were responsible for maintaining and correcting posture. However, it has never been scientifically demonstrated that any form of exercise can significantly correct postural misplacements. CBP® researchers have discovered that the secret to correcting posture is in 'creeping' or stretching the ligaments of the spine that is not achieved by exercise or standard chiropractic adjusting.

 CBP technique uses Mirror Image® exercise, adjusting and postural traction to correct spine and posture deviations back towards normal alignment. By correcting whole spine misalignments, more permanent corrections of your ailments can be achieved. In fact, there have been several clinical trials as well as case reports recently published documenting dramatic improvements in a variety of diseases and conditions by remolding the spine/posture back towards the normal.1-13

Surprisingly, despite the relative short existence of CBP® technique (25 years), it is the most thoroughly researched technique in chiropractic today! More than half of the technique publications are published in medical and orthopedic scientific journals. Because of this, CBP® technique is becoming well recognized worldwide and is one of the fastest growing techniques in chiropractic.

Improved postural alignment has been one of the most sought-after goals in the treatment of human ailments for ages; this continues today in all medical arenas, such as dentistry, physiotherapy, physiatry, surgery, and chiropractic. Only recently, however, has there been a non-invasive procedure that can correct spine and postural alignment, correcting faulty alignments and reversing problems previously thought attributable to so-called 'normal aging.' This procedure is called 'Chiropractic BioPhysics' or 'Clinical Biomechanics of Posture,' referred to as CBP® technique.

CBP® technique (Chiropractic BioPhysics / Clinical Biomechanics of Posture) is an evidence-based, spine and posture structural rehabilitation.

CBP® chiropractors are the orthodontists within chiropractic that also serve as the general dentist which would check for cavities (subluxations) and provide maintenance cleaning (regular adjustments).

The development of CBP® technique has taken 25 years. It was started in 1980 by Donald. D. Harrison. Today it is the fastest growing technique in chiropractic because of its foundations in scientific research, its practicality, and most importantly, its successes in curing human ills. It is the most thoroughly studied of chiropractic's over 200 techniques, where ongoing research is in collaboration with some of the finest spine researchers today.

Most importantly, CBP® technique is the only proven way to consistently change the posture and spinal alignment towards the normal. Much like a family doctor would prescribe medications to bring cholesterol or high blood pressure back towards the normal levels, this is what CBP® chiropractors do only with your spine and postural alignment.

How Does CBP® Chiropractic Correct Posture?

CBP® technique uses a multi-modal approach that includes exercises, adjusting, and postural traction. All of these are performed using the 'Mirror Image' concept. This simply means to reverse your specific bad postures. By reversing the bad posture we are able EAT your bad posture: Exercise the weakened and shortened muscles, Adjust the spine and posture, Traction or stretch the body back into normal alignment.

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